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Friday, 14 August 2009

Intel Clarkdale with switchable graphics

Intel Clarkdale: CPU with integrated GPU | Mighty Gadget Blog

We have already posted about unveilings its 32nm fabrication process technology as part of the press announcement of the 32nm Westmere CPUs demoed the first CPU with an integrated GPU, codenamed Clarkdale.

Unfortunately there have been no specifics about the GPU but told us that we could expect it to offer an improved equivalent of the integrated graphics found in ’s current G45 chipset. Designed for the mainstream market, the CPUs will feature two cores, but will also be able to handle four threads via HyperThreading.

While the CPU core of the Clarkdale will be built using the 32nm fabrication process the DDR3 memory controller and GPU will be built using 45nm transistors. The three will sit together in a multi-chip package, and communicate via a high-speed QPI link.

Arrandale is the mobile version of Clarkdale, also with integrated on die graphics. It will also allow switchable graphics within Windows 7 and Windows Vista, enabling the use of a higher performance GPU when plugged in.  Both Clarkdale and Arrandale will use 5 series chipsets, exclusively with DDR3.


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