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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sony Vaio Z series refreshed with 48-core Nvidia GT 330M GPU @

The Sony vaio Z series laptop has been refreshed and will include an up-to-date switchable graphics configuration with an Nvidia GT 330M GPU + Intel HD Graphics. This particular model of discrete graphics card comes with 48 CUDA cores and is OpenCL-enabled.

Since the previous incarnations of the Sony Vaio Z series have had Linux switchable graphics support and working CUDA Linux drivers, it's expected that this newer model will achieve the same level of Linux compatibility once it's available to the market.

Sony Vaio Y11, S11 and F11 leaked ahead of launch, Z and CW series refreshed -- Engadget
It appears that the Vaio T's return is only the tip of a giant iceberg of refreshes coming out from Sony HQ this month. Greek e-tailer Compuland has a trio of new models listed -- seemingly prematurely -- for sale: the Vaio Y11 (pictured) is a relatively standard 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo SU7300 machine with 4GB of DDR3 memory and 320GB of storage, and its nomenclature seems to fit given that its specs land somewhere between the underpowered X and fully-equipped Z series. Speaking of the latter, Sony is adding a Core i5-520M to its refreshed Z line, as well as to the new 16-inch F11 model which adds a half terabyte storage drive just for kicks. The lesser Core i3-330M Arrandale chip finds a home in the new 13-inch S11 laptop, which may or may not be replacing the SR series we know and love, as well as a freshened up CW number. Hit the read links for early pricing and more details, and if you hope really hard maybe we'll get proper announcements from the official channels some time soon.