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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Fedora 13 with Nouveau Gallium3D and switchable graphics

The Linux graphics landscape looks better and better by the day. Nouveau recently picked up steam with its inclusion in the mainline kernel, and now Gallium3D is also moving forward. Although NVIDIA is doing a *decent* job at providing closed-source binary drivers for Linux, features like switchable graphics or reliable suspend/hibernate features have been lagging behind the binary blob that NVIDIA provides, compared to other proprietary OSes. Instead, Nouveau is now providing switchable graphics support for Intel/NVIDIA laptop configurations, and with the recent update in Gallium3D (see below), a fairly decent 3D acceleration support.

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Happy Testing!

[Phoronix] NVIDIA Has Gallium3D Support In Fedora 13
With Fedora 13,
Red Hat is again shipping with the latest free software NVIDIA bits,
which now includes 3D support. Thanks to an update to the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental
package, there is 3D / OpenGL support enabled for NVIDIA hardware. This
3D support is coming from Nouveau's Gallium3D driver for most of the
NVIDIA graphics hardware while there is also a classic Mesa driver for old NV hardware
that recently came about. Yes, there is finally a deployed
Nouveau-NVIDIA Gallium3D driver that will be easily deployable out in
the wild with Fedora 13.

Fedora 13 is scheduled to be released towards the middle of May
while the first alpha release is coming in early March. Red Hat's Adam
Williamson mentioned this 3D support on Nouveau via his blog
where he mentions that the Spring RTS framework, Compiz, Neverball,
Foobillard, and Quake 3 are all working for him with a GeForce 9400GT
graphics card and the Gallium3D driver.

Adam also sent in a screenshot to us of the Nouveau NV95 Gallium3D
driver also running with Nexuiz. Needless to say, this week we will be
delivering Nouveau Gallium3D benchmarks atop Fedora Rawhide.