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Friday, 24 September 2010

More on CUDA

CUDA support in OpenCV announced at GTC - The H Open Source: News and Features

At the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, NVIDIA announced that the Open Source Computer Vision
(OpenCV) library, which includes image processing algorithms, will,
from the start of next year, be able to utilise the computing power of
NVIDIA GPUs by making use of CUDA GPU acceleration.

The OpenCV source code repository already contains some initial GPGPU
functionality, but a full initial release of the CUDA support is
scheduled to arrive in Spring 2011. According to Gary Bradski, senior
researcher at Willow Garage, which is involved in maintaining the
library, many OpenCV algorithms run five to ten times faster with GPU
assistance. OpenCV contains more than 500 algorithms for functions such
as image processing, face and body recognition and real time recording
and is available, free-of-charge, under the BSD licence.