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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Asus EEEPC 1015PN laptop hybrid graphics linux

One of the hybrid-graphics-linux team member has posted an email to the mailing list with details about the Asus EEPC 1015PN laptop in Linux:

[Hybrid-graphics-linux] EEEPC 1015PN Optimus with ION

The nVidia ION (GT238) is always activated on gnu/linux, and works with nouveau or the nvidia drivers. The Asus EEEPC 1015PN has an atom N550 CPU which includes a with a GMA 3150. One can use the nvidia ION on windows, or switch the netbook into the optimus mode, which enables the GMA 3150 to work in parallel with the ION (used only when necessary in this mode). It requires a reboot.

The Intel GMA is not activated at all under linux, and the only way to switch it on, is to reboot on Windows, and switch the optimus ON.
One can then find the PCI adresses for both GPU devices:
  • ION -- PCI 0000:04:00:0
  • Intel GMA -- PCI 0000:00:02:0
By tweaking the xorg.conf file, one can start X on the Intel GMA, but the ION is still activated.

The modified acpi_call method for the Asus EEEPC 1215PN, doesn't work on this model to switch off the nvidia ION card.