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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More methods for acpi_call

The git log for the acpi_call source code shows recent additions to the list of switch on/off methods found in the DSDT.dsl table files provided by the Linux Hybrid Graphics team members. The lastest one is for the Asus N53SN laptop.

For more details on acpi_call, see

commit 984592a4b3b42468f684da928bd10db1fa054964
Date:   Wed Mar 23 09:32:13 2011 +0000

    adding method from another Asus N model

commit fda3afe87f434cf1611ed1fe5b2fe26b554319e5
Date:   Thu Mar 3 20:34:37 2011 +0100

    Added Asus 1215n files by Pete Eberlein forgotten in manual merge.

commit 9da5be8957ffec0d45447e8f967203bc1a32e832
Date:   Mon Dec 13 19:54:18 2010 +0000

    adding method for Asus EeePC 1015PN

commit 39152d2a0e429927995232beeae7381caa7831d3
Date:   Mon Dec 6 12:20:18 2010 +0000

    adding HP.Pavilion.Dv6-3031ss method

commit 36a13f3615ea6f826a0775c4cd1b5f20b13100c7
Date:   Tue Nov 23 10:32:40 2010 +0000

    adding method Samsung Q330