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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ironhide branch first release including Ubuntu Natty packages

martinjuhl has released a new branch of his bumblebee code named Ironhide:

This version features:

* Graphical User Interface for Configuration and Submitsystem.
* Tests build into the Configuration, for easy bug reporting.
* Major cleanup, removed all content not related to Ubuntu.
* Updated VirtualGL.

The Ironhide packages conflict with bumblebee, so you should be asked to remove the old packages when installing Ironhide. If your having problems getting ironhide to work, please reboot after uninstalling bumblebee, and then rerun ironhide-configuration.

Installation notes:

If you want newer versions of the nvidia packages, the X-org edgers repository works great with Ironhide:

When new versions come out, just rerun the configuration.

Report problems/issues here:

The new Bumblebee Project is still available here: