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Monday, 19 December 2011

We are approaching 1000 team members!

The year 2011 is ending and the Launchpad hybrid graphics Linux team is approaching 1000 team members!

It's been a year of consolidation for the team members whose efforts in reporting on and improving the features of hybrid graphics systems in Linux are paying off. We now have a bumblebee/ironhide implementation for using the GPU on specific applications, with some systems also having the ability of switching on/off the graphics card on demand.

There have been attempts to bring Nvidia VDPAU video acceleration to the hybrid graphics systems, and these continue to be made to make sure they pave the way for smooth video playing in Linux.

The upstream Linux kernel and graphics drivers have received the source code produced by either members of the team or other open source contributors, which will ensure a seamless integration into all Linux distributions in the future.

Please make sure that you join the team if you haven't already. Even if your system already has decent support, your joining the team shows that there is a large Linux user base that will benefit of further improvements.

Keep reporting via the usual channels, like the mailing list and launchpad bug reporting tool.