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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nvidia Optimus in Linux -- the hardware is here

There are already 3 Linux users with Nvidia optimus-enabled laptops as of today (20100407), and given that ASUS has officially announced more optimus-enabled models, like the ASUS U30Jc and ASUS UL30Jt (go to Linux Macbook Air killers for more info), it's only a matter of time to see this hardware cropping up in hardware stores.
Things are far from perfect in the Linux world when it comes to Optimus support, although open-source work has started in this regard:
Also, there is still time for a Google Summer of Code application to the project (deadline is 9 Apr 2010).
What is important is that now people with the hardware at hand start contribution with a tiny bit of their time in giving debugging information. In the Linux Hybrid Graphics launchpad team, we've set up a doodle where anyone with this kind of hardware can pledge their debugging efforts towards full Nvidia Optimus support in Linux:
If you are a Linux user and have a Optimus-enabled laptop, please consider adding your name to the doodle!