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Friday, 26 March 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010: Cool X.Org projects

X.Org Wiki - SummerOfCodeIdeas
Open Source PRIME multi-gpu support

This SoC project involves taking the nvidia optimus technology and implementing the same technology in open source driver stack. Some work has already been done to flesh this out in there needs to be more work done in integrating it into the kernel and stacks along with some client side method of picking which apps should be started where. Also the possibility of rendering 2D apps could be investigated.

Possible mentor: DavidAirlie
X.Org Wiki - SummerOfCodeIdeas
Gallium H.264 decoding

Write a VDPAU state tracker for Gallium. In Gallium, state trackers implement APIs, and generate card-independent shaders. This allows supporting multiple cards with a single piece of code. As part of Summerof Code 2008, a student successfully implemented g3dvl, a video layer for decoding XvMC on top of Gallium. This project separated the video decoding code into two parts: a common vl part, and an XvMC frontend. The result allowed hardware accelerated MPEG2 playback on all Gallium-supported hardware. The purpose of this project is to build upon this code and add H.264 and VDPAU support. This requires improving the vl code for features that differ between H.262 and H.264, and adding a new VDPAU frontend. Furthermore, not all H.264 features can be implemented using shaders (like for example CABAC), so integrating CPU-based and GPU-based acceleration stages together will be another challenge. Ultimately, the purpose of this project is the production of a fully open source chain for hardware video decoding on any Gallium-supported GPU.

Possible mentor: StephaneMarchesin