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Friday, 5 March 2010

List of NVIDIA Optimus laptops @

nTersect Blog - NVIDIA

ASUS is showing 12 systems with Optimus Technology in their booth:

  • U30Jc (13.3”)

  • UL50Vf (15.6”)
  • UL80Jt (14”)
  • U33Jc (13.3”)
  • U43Jc (14”)
  • UL30Jt (13.3”)
  • K52Jc (15.6”)
  • N82Jv (14”)
  • N61Jv (16”)
  • N71Jv (17”)
  • NX90 (18.4”)
  • 1201PN (12.1” with Next Generation NVIDIA Ion)

MSI is showing 2 Optimus notebooks.The new MSI F Series is designed to be professional, slim and powerful,
and the FX400 and the FX600 both feature an NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPUs
with NVIDIA Optimus technology:


  • FX400 (14”)
  • FX600 (15.6”).  

Clevo is displaying 2 Optimus notebooks in their private meeting room suite:

  • B4100 (14”)
  • B5100 (15”).

And in NVIDIA’s Cebit demo rooms we’re showing several of the above
ASUS notebooks, plus 2 additional Optimus notebooks - the Medion Akoya
P6622 (15.6”) with GeForce 310M and the recently announced Acer Aspire
One 532g (10”) with next generation NVIDIA ION.
Optimus is on a roll.