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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010 -- Open Source PRIME multi-gpu support

The would-be student application discussion period for the Google Summer of Code 2010 has started:
Potential students can now browse through the different proposals and choose the coolest sexiest project they want to spend their summer working on. The coolest sexiest project of all in the Hybrid Graphics Linux field is obviously the one David Airlie will be mentoring within the

Open Source PRIME multi-gpu support

SoC project involves taking the nvidia optimus technology and
implementing the same technology in open source driver stack. Some work
has already been done to flesh this out in there needs to be more work done in integrating it into the kernel and stacks along with some client side method of picking which apps
should be started where. Also the possibility of rendering 2D apps could be investigated.

Mentor: DavidAirlie

As it's stated in the description, David Airlie has already done a bit of work in this area, so it's now ripe time for an enthusiastic student to apply for the project and spend time experimenting with Linux/Xorg code to implement cool new Linux features for the newest line of GPU hardware on the market. All this while earning good money from Google! Who said open-source software doesn't pay???!?!

If you are an enthusiastic student interested in hybrid graphics features in Linux, contact David now!
If you are not a student but know someone who would be interested, spread the word :-)
If you are none of the above, but would like this project to happen, write your encouraging words as a comment to this post!