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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

NVIDIA Optimus on video @

NVIDIA's Optimus technology shows its graphics switching adroitness on video -- Engadget

Explaining automatic graphics switching and the benefits thereof can be
a somewhat dry affair. You have to tell people about usability
improvements and battery life savings and whatnot... it's much more fun
if you just take a nice big engineering board, strap the discrete GPU
on its own card and insert an LED light for the viewer to follow.
NVIDIA has done just that with its Optimus technology -- coming to a laptop or Ion 2-equipped netbook
near you -- and topped it off by actually pulling out the GPU card when
it wasn't active, then reinserting it and carrying on with its use as
if nothing had happened. This was done to illustrate the fact that
Optimus shuts down the GPU electrically, which is that little bit more
energy efficient than dropping it into an idle state. Shimmy past the
break to see the video.