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Monday, 2 January 2012

Laptops wishing for better support in 2012

People in the Linux Hybrid Graphics team has updated on the support status for their Linux laptops, and the requests go from the not perfect to the not supported at all:

There is a big question mark over the new Nvidia GTX 660M cards, and information is needed from notebooks with this cards.

The Sony Vaio Z series Z1/Z12 models are still not playing well with bumblebee/ironhide/acpi_call and only cold rebooting will achieve graphics card switching.

The Samsung RF511 can use optirun, but there are no enable/disable calls available at the moment. Please submit your DSDT info if you have this or related models, specially if you have updated your BIOS lately.

The Asus N61JV seems to lack support, please give us more details on trying to install the hybrid graphics packages bumblebee/ironhide/acpi_call if you have this model.

The HP Envy 13 circa 2009 has a Intel GMA4500MHD+ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4330 and the discrete card won't work with bumblebee/ironhide/acpi_call. Please report your progress in the mailing list (ml) if you've been able to have it working.

The HP dm4-1162sf ATI+intel is in a similar situation, although the binary ATI drivers v11.8 worked on Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian Stable. On newer distros/kernel other hardware are better supported (sound and intel graphic driver for example) but ATI fails in all case...

The Dell XPS14z, Dell L502X have partial support. Is it working for you? Email the ml.

The Thinkpad W520 can use bumblebee/ironhide, but lacks the ability to save battery power by deactivating the graphics card while on a session, although it can bee rebooted and cold swiched off using the BIOS.

More updates soon!