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Friday, 15 June 2012

ASUS S series with Nvidia optimus

ASUS S Series Ultrabooks will start at $599

We're gradually getting more and more information on the ASUS S46 and S56 Ultrabooks and it's looking like they will be the budget offering this back-to-school season. DVD is included along with a range of ports, a mainstream screen and that might even be a replaceable cylindrical cell battery pack on the back there. Starting price -  a new record low of $599. Is that the sound of AMD's ultrathins being crushed?

ASUS Series S Ultrabook (2)

The range goes up from $599 but it sounds like the 15" model will start at $799

Expect this to sit right alongside the Lenovo U310, the Dell Inspiron 14z, the Toshiba U840/U845, Sony VAIO T13 and lower-priced 1st-gen Ultrabooks in the back-to-school battle this year. There's going to be a big choice come August.

$599. How about that!

Video below is from Laptopmag.

The video below shows the 15" ASUS S56 with a confirmed removable battery. It's a hulk of an Ultrabook but hey, this could really make a difference to someone used to carrying around 3KG of laptop.