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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hybrid Graphics Linux @ reaches 700 active members!

It was on Feb 2010 that the Hybrid Graphics Linux Launchpad team was created, and since then the team members have been successful in bringing decent switchable graphics and GPU offloading capabilities to Linux with projects like vga_switcheroo, acpi_call or bumblebee:

  • Bumblebee -- allows you to run specific programs on the discrete graphic card, inside of an X session using the integrated graphic card. Works on Nvidia Optimus cards -- by Martin Juhl
  • asus_switcheroo -- a solution for Intel/Nvidia switching on ASUS and other laptops with a similar hardware mux -- by Alex Williamson
  • byo_switcheroo -- a solution to build your own handler (like acpi_call) to switch between cards with vga_switcheroo -- by Alex Williamson
  • vga_switcheroo -- the original GPU switching solution primarily for Intel/ATI notebooks -- by David Airlie
  • acpi_call -- allows you to switch off discrete graphics card to improve battery life -- by Michal Kottman
  • PRIME -- long-term Optimus solution in progress -- by David Airlie
  • hybrid-windump -- dump window using Nvidia onto Intel display -- by Florian Berger and Joakim Gebart 

If you have a hybrid graphics laptop and use Linux, please join the team. If you are already subscribed and are annoyed by receiving too many emails, please don't deactivate your account, just add a filter to your email manager, all emails to the list contain this tag: 


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