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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hybrid graphics Linux on Samsung sf310-S03

One of the team members reported that acpi_call works with samsung sf310-S03:

acpi to turn on:

echo _ON $(acpi_call "\_SB.PCI0.P0P2.PEGP._ON")
echo _PS0 $(acpi_call "\_SB.PCI0.P0P2.PEGP._PS0")

acpi to turn off:

echo NVOP $(acpi_call "\_SB.PCI0.P0P2.PEGP._OFF")
echo _PS3 $(acpi_call "\_SB.PCI0.P0P2.PEGP._PS3")

PS0 & PS3 are power state values: PS0 is fully powered and PS3 is powered off.

vsync needs to be disabled or your tests with the intel card will be useless:
$ export vblank_mode=0

Thanks @alphac for your post!